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"This is proper music.

well written, well crafted, and excellently performed"

"the harmonies and sunshine from The Beach Boys and the melodic sensibility of The Beatles."

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Born in the north of England, Peter Rugman grew up in a house brimming with eclectic music; from Rock n’ roll to Barbershop, from Gregorian Chant to Jazz. He has always been a performer whether it be doing silly voices, making music with his brother or singing enthusiastically with his mum in the kitchen.


In December 2018 - after years of writing, performing and teaching himself to play any instrument he could get his hands on – he formed The NonStick Pans. The release of their debut album Nineteen Sixty Four was met with critical acclaim and inspired a growing, devoted fan base who appreciate the band for their melodic, retro arrangements and tight, California-inspired harmonies.

The size of the band is completely scalable and songs can be covered from as little as a single guitar and voice, up to a five-piece full band to track.

In addition to the Pans, Peter is an accomplished actor, with appearances in Netflix’s The Alienist (2017) and Amazon Prime’s Truth Seekers (2020). He also performed in The West End in the Olivier award winning play The Ferryman (2017). Peter is also a stand-up comedian and a founding member of Improv troupe Pinch Punch.

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